Thursday, October 16, 2008

Better to get paid than be right!

I find writing on the blog to be very therapeutic.  The last few days have been profitable ones, although not as profitable as I had hoped.  My ideas have been right, but the execution hasn't been as strong.  I would rather get paid, than be right.  As frustrated as i was, i need to realize that keeping it green on a consistent basis is also very important.  Being emotional and hard on myself comes with the job.  I need to step back enjoy the evening and come back tomorrow (expiration) and execute my game plan. 

Tomorrow (friday) is expiration.  This could possibly be the craziest/weirdest expiration you have or will ever see.  We are currently getting a minimum range of 700 DOW points every day.  That being said, if you are down money in the morning, there will be plenty of time/opportunities to make it back during the day.  Make sure your head is clear and emotions in check. 

This article about the VIX makes me happy to be trading.