Monday, September 21, 2009

As many of you know Trading RM Real-Time is a product that we offer to allow traders to get real-time access to trades that our traders make. It is our belief that when a trader actually executes a trade it speaks volumes to his or her confidence and commitment to the trade idea. Every trade that is made on our floor is than put into an chat room that is powered by Blast Instant Message Technology. Thus a trader doesn't have to be on our floor to have access to these trades but can be anywhere in the world and receive the information.

TRM Real-Time is helpful for stock, options and futures traders. The sharing of trade ideas from experienced traders leads to the speeding up of the learning curve for all of traders. We are confident that TRM Real Time will speed up the learning curve for traders at every level of experience. Stock selection and timing in to positions are two of the more difficult aspects of trading equities and options.

So how does Real-Time help me make money? One piece of information that we have in Real-Time is the entry and exit points for trades made by our group of experienced traders. Every trade that is put in the chat room has 3 distinct colors(Green, Red, Blue). Green trades are long positions in the underlying stock or equity indexes, red trades are short positions in the underlying stock or indexes and blue trades are all liquidating trades. In addition there is a C, P or stock after the position which details whether the trader put on options or stock. For example, I initiate a long stock position in AAPL so this would look like this is the chat room +AAPL Stock RV and when I liquidated the position it would look like this -AAPL Stock RV in the chat room. The fact that I bought AAPL doesn't mean that you need to put it on immediately but rather is should be brought to your attention that I saw something in AAPL to get me to put the trade on. I would compare it to the same way that you would react if you heard a news story about a stock that you were currently looking at. If the story was a big-event you would make the appropriate trades to to take advantage of that news so use TRM Real-Time in a similar way. Once the trade is blasted in the chat room go through its chart and news to figure out if it is a trade that meets your criteria. If it fits your criteria don't hesitate and put that position on with your risk parameters in place.

If I only trade futures how does TRM Real-Time help me? The way to look at the blast is to focus on the individual colors of the positions that we are putting on. Are we putting on a lot of longs or are there more shorts being executed? The majority of the days the underlying stocks show you where the futures are going. In addition, are we getting involved with tech names or more financial names so that you shift your focus on the Nasdaq Futures vs. S&P Futures. In addition, every 30 minutes we provide some key-market related data to assess whether we are having a 1, 3 or 5 star-day. If we are having a five star day look to take bigger moves out the market whereas 3 or 1 star days have a better chance of being more of a range bound day.

The above examples show a couple of ways to use the TRM Real-Time to help you. There are also many additional ways that this product can help traders so please feel free to sign up for a free trial for TRM Real-Time at

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