Wednesday, September 2, 2009


This blog is an update to the Youtube Video I posted on Monday. Click the link below for the youtube video.
Some of the traders' on the desk were able to get into SEPR before the news story came out. How could this be? Did we have insider information? The answer is No.
The volume spike on a 1-minute chart clearly demonstrates that something is going on. In addition, the volume was being conducted on the offer. (aggressive buyers) Look at the 1-minute volume from the 11am-12pm. Averaging about 4-5000 shares. Then out of the blue, it trades 158,000 & 349,000. THIS IS DIFFERENT. As i posted a few days back, this is a pattern that has been showing up a lot lately.
Stay focused and be ready to nail the next stock with volume spikes that look similar to this.

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