Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Trading RM Real-Time

At Trading RM LLC, we are constantly striving to make ourselves better traders. One way we accomplish this is that all of our traders call out each of their trades to the group. This is very helpful for numerous reasons. It is our belief that when a trader actually executes a trade it speaks volumes to his or her confidence and commitment to the trade idea. This results in less opinions and more facts. We alert each other to entry as well as exit points which assists our traders with their timing in and out of positions. The sharing of trade ideas leads to the speeding up of the learning curve for all of our traders. Less experienced traders have the ability to learn from more seasoned traders in real time. We believe that the average learning curve for a new trader is at least 6-12 months of live trading, however, we are confident that Trading RM Real Time will speed up the learning curve for traders at every level of experience. Stock selection and timing in to positions are two of the more difficult aspects of trading equities and options. Trading RM Real Time has proved to be an excellent tool in aiding with these aspects of trading.

In an effort to improve our communication on our trading desk we developed Trading RM Real Time. We utilize Trading RM Real Time everyday on our trading desk and our traders have benefited since its inception.

Trading RM Real Time is a new and exciting product which allows traders from all over the world to benefit from our trading desk’s knowledge and expertise. Each exit and entry along with other pertinent information to help the trader is displayed all day long.

Our goal is to provide useful information as well as real time reporting of the trades made by our experienced traders. This service will assist traders in every aspect of trading. No matter where you are, we can help your trading. Our system utilizes a Blast Instant Message technology. Trading RM prides itself with being able to listen to the market in order to profit from it. The information we provide is geared towards helping traders assess what kind of risk profile he or she should be trading with as well as which stocks and options are in play.

We are offering Trading RM Real-Time on a monthly basis. Feel free to click the Real-Time link on this blog to sign up. Please e-mail us at for a free trial.

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