Monday, July 27, 2009

More early clues

Below is a snap shot of our Trading RM Real Time (notice #s in red):

"[TRM] (9:02:17 AM): (trmdata) Data as of 9:30am-10:00am (EST)

Daily Data % of daily 5D ES average volume: 13%
Volume Star Ranking: 1 Star
Daily range of ES: 63%

Time period data
% of 5D MA ES volume traded: 84%
Volume Star Ranking: 3 Star

Largest sector % gainer from open: XLF
Largest sector % loser from open: XHB

Most active sector by volume: XLF

Trading RM stocks in play: SPWRA
Trading RM wave indicator: 0
Trading RM ES levels to watch: 989 R"

  • The first half hour showed us a 1 star volume scenario

  • The first half hosue showed us no "waves" in the market

These are good early indicators of less range and less volume (and most likely less trading).

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