Thursday, July 9, 2009

July 8th 2009

Wild market action, both ways; Trading RM oscillators continued yesterdays activity which is further confirmation the market and traders are about to experience a great money making environment.

  • Market had a bigger range than the last 10 days average, as the “Range” oscillator suggested.

“Range” oscillator is continuing the push upward, which re-affirms yesterday’s action. Look for continued increase in range, which could be either direction, however, as you will see below, all of the recent bigger ranges have come with downside pressure, watch for more tomorrow.

  • The “Going Big” oscillator was again showing the downside stocks with bigger percentages.

Ratio of downside to upside percentages was steep this morning, but in the midday slowdown, it came in quite a bit. This could show a breather in the downfall of the market, or, which Trading RM happens to believe, the downside is the side to look for predominantly

  • S&P had a bit of a ‘U’ shapes, as such the “Future(s)” oscillator had a fluctuation at the end of the day

It again was straight down, with good time for the morning, then stalled, which tells us a big move is coming… it did. Suggests tomorrow will see continued action, possibly more, but looking for one direction again.

  • “Gap DaP” was a touch mixed with futures up a couple points, a slight continuation, then the sellers came in and ripped it apart.

Trading RM feels a couple points is not a gap, just the same, the futures were trying to prop up the market to little avail. July 9th has Jobless claims, so which ever way the futures go, the market will likely follow.

  • “Trading RM Oscillator” our most clairvoyant of market direction, and tell-all for trading conditions, has too popped a bit, against a downward sloping trend.

A day, or several, of good market activity will determine the direction of this oscillator, and if it pops thru the trend, get ready to load up because trading will get really good. The steeper it goes, the better the opportunities are (provided traders are on the right side of the action).

Traders take heed, the market is changing, July could be a great trading month… be ready to get aggressive when the positions look good.

Good luck and Great Trading.

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