Sunday, February 8, 2009

February 9th morning worksheets

We have discovered an issue with Firefox users downloading our morning worksheets.  I'll will post pictures and a snap shot on the blog today.  We will have the issue worked out shortly. 

Our Trading RM oscillator is still flat lined.  We are having success focusing on name specific trades over sector trades.  We are looking to take moves as opposed to adding after moves.  We are finding plenty of profitable opportunities.  These opportunities are presenting themselves differently than they did last fall. 

I am going to begin highlighting daily changes to our morning worksheet in red.  We have seen the short term trend in the major indices move to a short term uptrend.  However we are aware of the larger range that these same indices are in.  The important data points continue to be the ends of the larger range and 850 on the SPX acting as a support AND resistance.  Friday we saw almost every sector participate in the rally.