Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dr. Steenbarger's New Book has arrived!

Dr. Brett Steenbarger's new book has been shipped!  The Daily Trading Coach, has something for every trader.  Regardless of your experience or what product you trade, this book can only help you become a better trader. 

I have had the privilege on many occasions to meet and chat with Dr. Brett.  Besides being a great thinker and trading coach, he is also a trader.  There are many "fly by night" seminars, and authors who write, but do not trade.  Dr. Brett truly understands what we are going through because he also trades.  Dr. Brett's website, http://www.traderfeed.blogspot.com/, is the most comprehensive and detailed trading site that I know of.  And everything on his website is FREE!  I visit his website on a regular basis and I always learning from his postings.  He spends countless hours writing on his blog and responding to comments.  Trading is his passion. 

In the book, Dr. Brett lists 101 challenges that traders' face. He then provides a game plan to tackle that challenge to help out your trading.  In addition, Dr. Brett interviewed eighteen successful and well-respected traders and included their insights/tips on becoming a better trader.   Larry Fisher, one of the the partner's at TradingRM, was one trader interviewed by Dr. Brett.  Dr. Brett is the only guy I know who can get eighteen highly successful traders' to open up for a book.  Congratulations to them all and congratulations to Dr. Brett on another great self-coaching tool.