Friday, December 4, 2009

Trading RM Gold setup 12/04/09

Great job today by all our traders, followers on twitter, and users of Trading RM Real Time who got into gold names, specifically ABX. Check out our tweet pre open today:

"TradingRM trade off the open. short $ABX on a bounce back and hold under the 45.45 level $$"

Below is a 2 minute chart of ABX. The thick blue line shows our entry level from this morning's tweet.

Below is a video screen shot of the opening few minutes. The shot is a bit blurry, excuse us as we work on video quality. Please click on video and make it full screen for optimal viewing.

  • The top right shows out Trading Rm Real Time Chat room. This is available to outside traders. Notice the buys of ABX puts and the timing. (It is noted as +ABX P MM, trader MM bought ABX puts).
  • The bottom right shows and options entry window with time& sales to the right. (we pull up the ABX 45 puts to start.) Our first entry was $1.60. When we pull them up for the video they are trading $1.70. As of 12:45pm the high of the ABX 45 puts was $3.40.
  • The top left and middle of the shot shows various time frame charts of ABX.
  • The bottom left of the shot is an "option chain"

    Followers of our twitter feed and users of our Trading RM Real Time were able to see our ABX idea before the open and see our ABX trades real time from the open of trading on.

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