Thursday, March 25, 2010

Clues to the sell off

Today was an interesting day and can be viewed in 2 parts. The morning saw continued strength in the market. Many leading tech companies show great strength. QCOM AMZN GOOG PCLN all stuck out. I heard many market talking heads speaking about the "melt up" market environment. I will not often try to fade a trending market however, I will try to listen to the market for clues that the momentum might be waning. Today, I noticed that LVS and WYNN were relatively weak in the morning. These stocks have been on fire as of late so the change in character caused me to be a bit cautious. Next, the TLT's were weak and after the poor 7 year auction I thought that investor might use the rise in interest rates as an excuse to take some profits. I positioned my self long IWM LVS WYNN and FAS puts to name a few. I was able to make some nice profits into the close as I started to cover when the s&p futures went negative on the day.

After each trading day I will focus and remind myself that the next trading day I will get back to center court and be ready for what the market tells me.

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Have a good night.

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