Thursday, January 22, 2009

Notes from today's trading

  • AAPL +5.53, MSFT -2.27 on day

  • XLF exactly at November lows

  • many indices in a 3 day sideway range: SPX, NDX, Euro, Crude, XLE...                  

  • SPX held and bounced from 800 support

  • AFL was easie rot trade than HIG, UNM, MEt, etc..

  • ESI was easier to trade than COCO, APOL, CECO

It could have been my timing/positions but this afternoon felt very "range bound" to me. 

  • We will continue to attack the weakest/strongest stocks (ESI over APOL/CECO and AFL over other insurance today)

  • We will continue to key on XLF and leading financials as one indicator

  • We will continue to monitor SPX resistance levels at 820 and 800