Monday, January 5, 2009

Trading RM morning sheet

Available at the Trading RM website ( is the morning sheet our traders use to prepare for the upcoming day.  I have attached a snap shot below.  Those who register with our site will have access to this daily. 

  • The top half is devoted to sectors and indices that we have traded/followed recently.  The High/Low/Open/Close for the previous day is included.  Also is the short and long term trend.  This section is great to get an idea of what sectors are trending and which are rangebound.  


  • In the bottom right half of the morning sheet we have an area where we mark names/sectors that were strong or weak yesterday.  Also we make a note of names/sectors that may be in play today.


  • The bottom left corner is divided into:

    • What's working now - the types of trades/themes/ etc.. that have paid most recently

    • Important data points - we fill in any significant stock or index level we may see

    • Today's Numbers - economic releases for the upcoming day

    • Today's Goal - filled in by each trader with their personal goals for the upcoming day