Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Last few days' have been slower, so tightening up the basics can lead you to outperform.

I'm talking about timing and stock selection just to name a few. If you constantly find yourself top ticking or bottom ticking the market, something needs to change. YOU are chasing! Do not blame it on the market being tough or impossible. There is always a train leaving the station. YOU get to choose which one you want to jump aboard.

Fading strength and weakness seems to have been paying. AIG on friday and YUM today after earnings. COST (earnings) and ANF (upgraded) seemed very strong on the open, but then settled in and sold off and the market rallied. As i write this, we have an 8 handle range.

A hobby of mine is collecting vintage baseball cards and sports memorabilia. There are so many old baseball cards being sold. They vary in the year, condition, etc. I need to be ok missing what seems to be a "great opportunity" because something just doesn't sit right with me. I know that if I miss this purchase, later on in the day or tomorrow there will be another opportunity. There are busy times and slower times in the baseball card hobby, like most businesses. When it is slower, I need to make sure I am near perfect in my decision making and go back to the basics. When it is busy, i can't keep up with all the emails and I usually find what i am looking for.

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