Monday, October 5, 2009

Stay in the Game

Today has been a slow day for me. I have only done 2 small trades for a net scratch as of 12:00 pm cst. I had some setups I liked in MTW and BRCD but they did not get to my price. That being said, the day is far from over. We have seen a select amount of great setups in the afternoon. These are the keys for me going into the last three hours of the day:

  • Stay in the game, do I have mental bullets?

  • Be patient, do not try to make money.

  • Focus on one trade at a time (one swing at a time)

  • Keep my eye on the ball, the game is not over until 3pm

Speaking of keeping your eye on the ball...did anyone in the Detroit Lions coaching box notice that Johnny Knox fumbled the ball before crossing the goal line on his 102 yard kickoff return for a TD? The Lions staff/upstairs replay guy should have caught this.

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