Wednesday, November 18, 2009

CL Trade - Expiration week

Thanks to all who listened in to our webinar on Monday. We hope to be having another sometime after Thanksgiving. As we discussed in the webinar, we feel it is better to learn by doing and/or seeing. Our interns have been working hard to capture "how we operate" and how our Trading RM Real Time can benefit you as a trader. Our interns Charles and Jason were able to capture some great setups that we can share with you.

The video below details a trade the majority of our room did in CL on Wednesday 11/18/09. The video shows a snapshot of our intern's screen. To the top left is the ES mini chart. To the top right is our AOL IM based Trading RM Realtime product. User "trmdata" is our clerk. The chat room "TRM" is Trading RM Real Time. Outside users view this chat.

The bottom right of the video shows news feed. The middle and bottom left sections show 10 minute, 5 minute, 1 minute, and 30 minute charts on any given stock.

Keep in mind that while there is no sound with this video, our interns our talking through all the aspects of the market (volume, trades buys and sells, news, etc..). This is available to outside users via our Audio Clerk product.

The specific trade involves speculation that Colgate maybe be close to being bought or linking up with Lysol maker Reckitt Benckiser Group Plc. As you watch the video please note the following along with their times in the video:

  • Time in video 0:00, our TRM chat shows our first trader, AE, buying calls in CL (+CL C AE). Time is 1:57pm cst

  • This news hit Trade the News around the same time, 1:57pm cst.

  • Time in video 0:03 our intern pulls up CL charts, we can see CL sharply higher.

  • Time in video 0:021 we see more traders buying CL calls. Unfortunately this video did not capture our order entry window. (Future videos will) Our purchase price was roughly $0.35 on average.

  • Time in video 0:34 trader AE sells his first piece of CL.

  • Time in video 0:50 posts CL/ Reckitt merger news. Our Trading RM Real Time and our Trading RM Audio clerk announced this news earlier. Our first trader (AE) was in and out of some of the trade by the time posted.

  • As the video passes the 1:00 mark you can "feel" our traders starting to scale out of their winners.

  • At the 1:40 mark our intern pulled up an option view for CL (bottom left of screen). Note the CL 85 calls are trading 0.75-0.85. (Again, future videos will show option prices and trades from the onset). Although we purchased at $0.35 there was still a trade to be had.

  • Time in video 02:16 we see trader PG has reentered long CL calls. (+CL C PG)

  • Time in video 03:22 "last price" on these calls was $1.90. If you got in with AE and our first traders you have a 600% return at this point. Even if you were "late" and paid $0.80 you have over a 200% return.

  • Again we see guys finding an opportunity to reenter the trade. Time in video 05:03 a couple guys buy calls again. Prices approximately $1.75.

  • Time in video 05:25 the bid on these calls is $2.40. (more sales by our traders around that price).

  • The last minute of the video you can "feel" the volume in the stock and options die a bit. Most of our positions were sold before the last minute.

The main point here is not to do every trade we do when we do it. But users of our products (RealTime and Audio Clerk) can generate a feel for the market and a feel for trades in play. Not only were our traders and our external users of Real Time first to this trade, we were also selling at optimal times and reentering at optimal times.

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