Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hire a trading clerk for $1 a day!

Welcome to the Trading RM Audio Clerk. At Trading RM, we are constantly striving to improve the communication on our trading desk. We created this new and exciting product designed to help traders across the globe. We have found that it is more efficient to hear information rather than attempting to read and focus on trading at the same time.

The Trading RM Audio Clerk is designed to help traders listen to the market. We will relay pertinent market information to our subscribers in real time. The following is anexample of the information we will share as we add value to your trading strategy.

• Real Time reporting of stocks making new daily highs and lows
• Unusual stock volume
• Unusual option volume
• Key market and stock levels
• Key Futures levels
• Up coming conference calls and events
• Trading RM’s Wave Indicator
• And much more

We believe all traders will benefit from hearing this constant flow of information. Our goal is to help traders and that is why we have chosen a low price point for this service.

The Trading RM Audio Clerk costs just $1 a day. Where else can you hire a clerk for $1 a day? That is just $20 a month and if you decide to sign up for a year, the cost will be only $200 which is a 17% savings off of the monthly rate.
You want to have this service for free? If you sign up for 6 months of Trading RM Real Time we will give you 6 months of the Audio clerk for free!
For more information, please visit our website, or email us at

TradingRM LLC's Audio Clerk

Monthly Subscription ($20/month!)

Yearly Subscription ($200/year!)

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