Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Trading RM Introduction

(click on picture for a video introduction to Trading RM)

Trading RM, LLC is a proprietary trading and teaching firm which prides itself on its unique approach towards expressing market opinions. The firm specializes in trading options, futures and equities, and is committed to providing the tools and training needed to trade profitably in today‘s markets. Our unique approach to trading allows us to maximize profits while minimizing risk. Trading RM, LLC’s mission is to educate and attract motivated, disciplined, team orientated traders and in turn provide a unique environment to accelerate each trader’s learning curve to become a successful trader.

Traders at Trading RM are taught to utilize an approach which teaches traders how to express their trading views in the best possible way. At Trading RM, members strive to execute a solid game plan comprised of consistent decision making. They know this is the key to the success of the trader.

Focusing on the Trading RM Five Principals of Trading - selection, timing, capital allocation, controls and disciplines, and continual learning - The members of Trading RM LLC are confident in their ability to teach trading success. At Trading RM LLC they look forward to the opportunity to help you become the best trader you can be.

Contact Information:

Trading RM LLC
Chicago, IL

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