Monday, January 18, 2010

Next Best Trade

A couple baseball players have been in the news lately. Mark Mcgwire finally admitted to using steroids for the bulk of his career. This news overshadowed the Cubs signing long time pitcher Greg Maddux as an assistant to the GM.

Greg Maddux will surely go down as one of the greatest pitchers of all time. But he did not have over powering speed (like Nolan Ryan or Randy Johnson), a wicked curve ball or the physical attributes of many great pitchers. What he did have was great control and a great mental game.

Greg Maddux recently had this to say of pitching in the "steroid" era:

"If the guy was skinnier in the on deck circle, you realized you had to talk your chances with him."

Maddux was not a macho guy who had to prove himself against everyone. He put himself in situations with the best odds. If the guy on deck presented a better opportunity for an out than Mark Mcgwire, then Maddux pitched around Mcgwire.

Often in my daily and weekly goals I write to my self "be ready for the next best trade."

  • A trader can not worry about a past loss
  • A trader can not worry about a "missed" winner
  • A trader can not worry about last week, month, year

BUT, a trader can worry about the next best trade. Is it in the batter's box right now? On deck? What does it look like? What characteristics does it have? Will I know it when I see it?

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