Friday, January 29, 2010

Psychic Anyone?

In light of Dr. Brett's recent post I can offer you this. We recently received the following resume/letter. I think a psychic would make a great addition to any trading office:

Sent: Thursday, January 28, 2010 2:53 PM
Subject: Talented psychic seeking trading position

(Please note – I am offering a generous finder’s fee to the person who arranges an interview for me with a trading or investment firm, should I be hired. Click xxxx
for more information.)

Greetings Trading RM,

I have an unusual gift that is perfectly suited for equities and commodities trading.

Some call it psychic, I hesitate to make this claim, but I have worked very hard to develop it the past ten years. Now it is honed into a system that generates amazingly accurate and reliable trade signals in a variety of markets.I need to find a trading or investment firm that can put my skills to work. To me there's no question - whoever hires me will be thankful they did. The profit potential here is very serious. People are skeptical about this, understandably. But if you explore my site you can see, this is a very real phenomenon, and a very real skill I have developed.As you might imagine, this field does not lend itself to a normal resume. I have included some basic information below. For a more complete picture, please refer to

Very truly yours, xxxxxxxxxx _________________________________________________________________________

Special Skills and Training:
The special skill I possess – the reception, recall, and interpretation of forward looking dreams – is best described as shamanism. Shamans have deeply explored their minds, and are able access the realm of dreams for information, where precognitive dreaming is a common occurrence. Regarding the financial markets, these can be a source of significant abundance.I have spent most of my life devoted to inner exploration: 34 years of meditation; 4 years at Esalen Institute (Big Sur, CA) immersed in yoga, group work, bodywork, and shamanism; 3 years in India deeply immersed in meditation and tantric training; and 25 years recording and studying my dreams, including 10 years of market dreams.For the past ten years I have studied and traded the markets. I have done extensive technical analysis of both equities and most commodities, having developed a system based on a convergence setup, mainly using Elliot Wave Theory, Fibonacci retracements, and pivots. While this system generated good signals, it did not compare with the accuracy of my dreams.

Other Work Experience:
Mountaineering instructor; carpenter; roofing contractor; massage therapist; meditation instructor; cook; science teacher; trader; columnist for

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