Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Option Expiration Week

Last week was option expiration which is usually the most volatile week of the month. In addition, we had the March futures going off the board which increases the volatility of the overall market. Unfortunately, the market did not have any huge moves. We had a tight range in the market with the S&P cash having a 28 pt range on the week. The thing that was interesting about last week is that a few underlying stocks had huge moves. At Trading RM we were able to capitalize on a few of these stocks(QCOM, GE, NTRI) last week as our subscribers to TRM Real-Time witnessed firsthand. Granted we had our share of losing trades but if you stuck to proper money management techniques the winners were 5 times your losing trades.

Please feel free to e-mail us at info@tradingrm for a one week free-trial of TRM Real-Time where you can get these trades real-time. This monthly service is 49.99 per month. Trading RM also offers coaching, training and mentoring.

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