Friday, April 9, 2010

Mental Preparation

Thanks to Charles Trader at for this mental preparation video featuring Evan Longoria. . Some key cross overs for a trader:

  • "step out of the box" after a bad swing. After a bad trade or a missed setup, do whatever it takes to mentally reset. Go for a walk, take a breathe, write in your journal, etc... Longoria steps out of the batter box and repositions is batting gloves and takes a practice cut.
  • Repetition. Longoria has been practicing/honing his mental game since his college days. One can not expect the mental side of their trading game to happen overnight. Start practicing now.
  • Improvement. Longoria went from undrafted and unknown to Major League all star. This reminds me of Don Millers "bamboo tree." The bamboo tree starts growing slowly but once it goes it really goes. trading careers can take of exponentially too.
  • Remember your breathing. Longoria takes this seriously. Many bloggers, including Dr. Brett write about biofeedback, brain activity and breathing. These need to be in control.

Here is the video with some great clips on Don Zimmer included:

E:60 Evan Longoria from E60 on Vimeo.

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